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About Kween Bee's

Handmade from 100% all-natural products, using the freshest ingredients, Kween Bee’s Sugar Scrub combines the finest essential oils that easily penetrate the underlying layers of the skin, promoting regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells.  Using pure, organic sugar, this unique collection of scrubs provides a delightful experience for the body, mind, and soul.

– Testimonials –

"I've used the Cool Beans on my feet the past 2 nights and it's miraculous!"

Gail Allen

– Testimonials –

"Your Kween Bee's Sugar Scrub is everything. My clients love it already. Thank you for an amazing product."

A Feel Good Experience Spa - Addison, TX

– Testimonials –

"Kween Bee's sugar scrubs are the BEST without exception. You must try at least one, if not all of them."

Cynthia Mickens Ross

– Testimonials –

“This stuff is awesome. My feet are always super dry, and they are so soft and smooth after using Kween Bee’s for the first time.”

Andrea Broadnax

– Testimonials –

"I love your products"

April Gilbert, Gilbert Group Realty

- Testimonials -

"Excellent Products."

Nwayne Barnes

- Testimonials -

"Took a scrub after my hike today and feel so soft."

Paula Blackmon

- Testimonials -

"Received my shipment and absolutely love your products."

Donyell C. Dawson

- Testimonials -

"After I use this scrub my skin is smoother, the softness last all day, the scent is light and never competes with any other fragrance I wear, and most importantly, it is not greasy."

Contessah Irene

- Testimonials -

“When I received my Kween Bee Sugar Scrubs, I started using them on my hands and immediately could tell a difference in the softness of my hands. I have been washing my hands a lot because of COVID-19, but with the scrubs I felt like my hands could still be soft and moisturized. Once I saw the difference in my hands, I began to use them on my body and the scrubs have truly made a difference in not only hydrating my skin but making it so soft and smooth”

Cheryl Polote Williamson - Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author

- Testimonials -

“This scrub is EVERYTHING!”

Renee Hall

- Testimonials -

“I’m so happy that I tried Kween Bee’s sugar scrub. It’s amazing.”

Keisha Frazier

- Testimonials -

"Used one in the shower.  Love not having to lotion after showering and not feeling dry at all"

Toni Johnson

- Testimonials -

"After 5 days my hands are glowing, my feet and elbows are smooth as a new baby's bottom. With my allergy history I can only use ALL- natural products.  I love the fragrances."

Margie Stanley

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